smithpr on february 2nd, 2009

johnaldriedge on november 11th, 2008

thanks to darra goldstein for the link to this youtube version of a russian-language usia video produced for the ag-usa exhibit.

bill kiehl on october 29th, 2008

at the risk of being accused of self-promotion, let me just admit up front that i think ex-guides, staff et. al. are a natural constituency for this new book of mine. and i have arranged to give all usia exhibits folks a 20 percent discount on the list price. ? i know…generous to a fault…

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andreamwine on october 24th, 2008

i’ve begun putting up a photo gallery on the website, but have a long way to go.?

take a look at


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smithpr on october 22nd, 2008

thank you for taking the time and initiative to put together this marvelous — and beautiful — site for the alumni of the usia exhibits program.? it was a wonderful experience for hundreds of young and not so young americans who had studied russian but had never had a real russian experience.? and what an experience.? what an impact it had on each and every one of us.? that’s why i think the guide alumni network is so tight even today, decades after the final usia exhibit closed down its button and brochure stand for the last time.? this site will help us stay in touch as the years continue to slip by and we continue to do our own things.? i’d like to add my two cents worth with a few pages of photos i took during a couple of the exhibits i worked with, outdoor recreation and photo usa, and during a guide reunion organized by the u.s. embassy and carnegie foundation in june 2007.? the photos are posted at

<> and pretty much speak for themselves.

thanks again, john!? this should be fun.? paul

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andreamwine on october 22nd, 2008

what a great idea to get all the guides together! and thanks to john for putting the site together.

my fellow?wrecker misha morgan has circulated?an email to?survivors of outdoor recreation (1972) so?hopefully we will be well-represented at the reunion.

i live in moscow and although i would certainly make the trip to the us (washington is as good a place as any) i suggest we meet in moscow if possible…it certainly would be appropriate. and why not?try to get sponsorship from soros or the carnegie?people or some other think tank- after all, we?guides have insights which ought to prove worthwhile in a discussion of “whither us-russia relations?”. actually whether the location is moscow or the usa,?it?would be great?to?get an institution (maybe a university?) involved…and to invite some journalists to do a story on the reunion.?i?am sure?such an event would?make the news.

look forward to hearing everyone’s views. privyet vsyem?iz moskvi,? andrea wine

vorhes on october 3rd, 2008

i was part of the exhibits service from 1969 until 1983 or so. ?designed and directed cultural exchange and special exhibits eastern europe, far east. and africa. ?i’d like to reconnect with some of the people and have a few names, others? not so much. ?it was a stormy bureaucratic period but the work we all did was so interesting and important. ?in retirement, people i talk to about usia can’t believe the program and regret it all ended. the world loves us so much now we don’t need to tell america’s story face to face anymore. right? ?the moscow show established the quality standard for the program and we did our best to keep it going - there were many success stories. ?this posting may not be the best way to attract a crowd. ?let me know how i can help you in the dc area. ?jv

jaldriedge on august 15th, 2008

this is the public discussion area of the website. if this is your first visit, please click on the “register” link over to the right. you’ll need to provide a user name (hopefully recognizable unless you’re in hiding) and your email address.?

a password will be mailed to you so you can log in. once logged in you can change your password to something easier to remember. you can view the blog without registering or logging in, but you’ll need to be logged in to post your own messages or comment on others.?

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i’ve begun setting up some categories for posts, but feel free to suggest others.? “reunion” is one of those categories — please jump in.? i’m new to this blogging stuff, so i welcome suggestions on how it can be made more useful.

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