andreamwine on October 22nd, 2008

What a great idea to get all the guides together! And thanks to John for putting the site together.

My fellow wrecker Misha Morgan has circulated an email to survivors of Outdoor Recreation (1972) so hopefully we will be well-represented at the reunion.

I live in Moscow and although I would certainly make the trip to the US (Washington is as good a place as any) I suggest we meet in Moscow if possible…it certainly would be appropriate. And why not try to get sponsorship from Soros or the Carnegie people or some other think tank- after all, we guides have insights which ought to prove worthwhile in a discussion of “Whither US-Russia Relations?”. Actually whether the location is Moscow or the USA, it would be great to get an institution (maybe a University?) involved…and to invite some journalists to do a story on the reunion. I am sure such an event would make the news.

Look forward to hearing everyone’s views. Privyet vsyem iz Moskvi,  Andrea Wine

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  1. dont know if you can remember the techs from orec but i was one of them.i would be interested to know about the reunion,could be fun.
    moscow or us,any place.
    say hi to mike morgan,met him again several years ago in washington at a meeting hosted by the bassets.

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