jaldriedge on November 30th, 1999

Hi.  This blog is intended to facilitate social networking among USIA Exhibits veterans, which hopefully includes you.  If not, you will be very bored here.

I hope that this will become a meeting place for former exhibit staff, guides, and other hangers-on. If everybody registers we will soon have a working directory, which will allow users to send individual or bulk emails to others.  Perhaps we can even use this website as a tool for planning a reunion in 2009 - the 50th anniversary of the first USIA exhibit (”the Big One”) in Moscow in 1959.

Finally, I don’t want to dominate the discussion here, so please jump in. Click on “Register” over in the panel on the right side of the screen. All you need is a username, email address and a password. Then you can log in and post to your heart’s content.  Email me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or gripes. 

Please send th1e this URL (http://www.usiaexhibits.com) to your exhibit contacts.


John Aldriedge

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